The Sea of the Vanities

The ocean is vast and deep. What lurks beneath can tear boats asunder.

Richard Shaw, an insurance investigator from Lloyds of London, arrives in Rio de Janeiro in 1851. He is there to discover why so many of the great sailing ships of the world are disappearing in the south Atlantic, never making it to or from the Pacific Ocean.

From each side of the continent, two ships set sail: one helmed by Captain Peech to hunt for treasure and the other ferrying passengers like Cassandra Coulter, who only hopes for safe passage. Both ships encounter murder and supernatural forces. When the survivors unwillingly rendezvous in Cape Horn, they run straight into Richard Shaw.

The Sea of the Vanities is a supernatural sea adventure that answers the question: should death be feared? Or is it a mercy?

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The Sea of the Vanities is the first book in a series of companion novels that spin off of The Celwyn Series. This series is about Jonas Celwyn.

See the first book in the Celwyn series, The Violins Played Before Junstan, to start this adventure off right!

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